LW EC 01: wind loads on duo pitched roof


Geometry Total depth of the structure: 72m
Position of the frame: 36m
Roof slope:
Distance between the frames: 7.2m
Terrain parameters Basic wind speed: 26m/s
Terrain type: II
Standard EN 1991-1-4 [–]
Settings in Diamonds
  • Window “Terrain parameters”
  • Window “Wind loads on frame”


Wind loads generated by Diamonds

Results Independent reference Diamonds Difference
Peak pressure q_p(7.3m) 0.911kN/m² 0.911kN/m² (1) 0,00%
Load in zone D 3.28kN/m (2) 3.28kN/m 0,00%
Load in zone G 9.18kN/m 9.18kN/m 0,00%
Load in zone H, J, I 5.25kN/m 5.25kN/m 0,00%
Load in zone E 3.28kN/m 3.28kN/m 0,00%

1. The peak pressure cannot be requested as a result in Diamonds. But it is possible to request it as an intermediar results using this method.
2. The independent reference states that the load in zone D should be 4.59kN/m instead of 3.28kN/m. But a handcalculation (0.7 - 0.2) \cdot 0.911kN/m^2 \cdot 7.2m = 3.28kN/m shows that 3.28kN/m is the correct value. The value 4.59kN/m is obtained when we neglec the internal pressure coefficient 0.7 \cdot 0.911kN/m^2 \cdot 7.2m.


  • Tested in Diamonds 2023r01.

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