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Is my Trial license still valid?

A Trial license allows you to use the software during 14 or 30 days (depending on the software) without limits. When the Trial is expired, the software will start in a demo version, with limited functionalities.

[Windows OS]

  1. Open CodeMeter Control Center using Start > All Programs > CodeMeter.
    I cannot find CodeMeter Control Center in 'All Programs'

    Then it is probably not installed. Download CodeMeter Control Center and install it.

  2. Select Diamonds Trial Version, BIM Expert Trial Version or any other Trial Version from the list and click on . An internet page opens.
  3. The column Valid until should contain a date in the future.
    If so: the license is valid.
    If not: the license is expired. A Trial license can only beactivated once. Contact BuildSoft (support@buildsoft.eu) to look for a solution.

[Mac iOS]

It is not possible to activate the Trial license on such a system. Contact BuildSoft to look for a solution.

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