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Cm dongle not recognized by Codemeter Control Center (on MacOS)


When you plug a Cm dongle () into a MacOS, the operating system recognizes the dongle as an USB-drive, but the dongle does not appear in the CodeMeter Control Center list.

This issue occurs on MacOS ≥ 10.13 in combination with CodeMeter Control Center ≥ 7.10.


  • Dongles starting with 1-xxxxxxx are outdated. Contact the support (support@buildsoft.eu) to get them replaced.
  • For dongles starting with 2-xxxxxxx or 3-xxxxxxx
    A Cm dongle does not only contain your license, but also software to manage that license. The workflow below will update the software and reconfigurate it.

    • Plug the dongle into a computer in which it is recongized by Codemeter Control Center.
    • Select the dongle and check its version. The version should a least be 2.02. If that’s not the case, click on to update it with the button . This can take a while. Do not unplug the dongle before the update is finished!
    • Open de Command prompt.
      Navigate to the directory where cmu32.exe staat (C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin\) en geef onderstaand commando in. Replace the %1 with the number of your license dongle.

      --serial %1 --set-config-disk HidCommunication

      Hit ENTER. The window should say the communication mode has changed.

    • Retry if the Mac-computer recognizes the dongle now.

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