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How to make a context file

The purpose of making a context file is sending the current content of your dongle to BuildSoft. Based on that, we can generate a new upgrade file for your dongle.

The procedure requires TWO things from you:

1. Context file

Follow the steps below (watch movie with steps):

  1. Open CodeMeter Control Center and select the dongle for which you want to make the context file. 
  2. Click ‘License update’.
  3. A new window pops up. You’ll see ‘Welcome to the CmFAS Assistant’. Click ‘Next’.
  4. You’ll see ‘Create license request’. Click ‘Next’.
  5. You’ll see ‘Extend existing license’. Click ‘Next’.
  6. You’ll see ‘Choose the vendor’. Click ‘Next’.
    I can't choose 'Vendor'?

    The list is empty.

    1. Go back one step with the arrow on the top left side.
    2. Choose ‘Add license of a new vendor’.
    3. Enter the Firm code ‘100684’.
    4. Click ‘Next’.
    5. Continue with the next step below.
  7. You’ll see ‘Please select file name’. This step will create the context file (= *.WibuCMRac-file). By default this file will be created in the “Desktop” directory. Do not change the name or the extension of this file! Click ‘Commit’.
  8. Click ‘Finish’.

2. Printscreen

  1. Open CodeMeter Control Center and select the dongle to make the print screen from. This should be the same dongle as selected in ‘1. Context file’.  
  2. Click on ‘Webadmin’.
  3. An internet page will open. You should see the columns ‘Valid Until’ and ‘Feature Map’.
    Don't see 'Valid Until' and 'Feature Map'?

    This is because you’re working with and older version of CodeMeter.
    Go to ‘Content’ > ‘Licenses’. In the overview, click on the number ‘100684’.
    You’ll see the columns ‘Expiration Time’ and ‘Feature Map’ now. Continue with step 5.

  4. Take a printscreen of this page. If needed, zoom out so you can see the entire list. If the list is too long, take 2 print screens. BuildSoft has to be able to read the content your printscreen!

Send the info to BuildSoft

  • Paste the printscreen(s) in an email and send it together with the context file to support@buildsoft.eu.

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