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Error: Root node not find in C:\Users\….


On opening a model, you get the error:

Root node not find in C:\Users\Dorien\AppData\Local\Temp\SUT.xml

bij BuildSoft.UBSM.TUBSMIO.ReadSections()
bij BuildSoft.TOldSUSection.ReadSectionFromTempFile(@MetaTOldSUSection Self)
bij BuildSoft.TOldSUSection.SUTStringtoUBSM(@MetaTOldSUSection Self, String value, IDatabaseItem& section, ArrayList& materials)
bij BuildSoft.TOldSUSection.ToUBSM(IDatabaseItem& section, ArrayList& materials)
bij BuildSoft.TSectionIO.ReadFromXMLDocument(@MetaTSectionIO Self, IXMLNode Objet, IDatabaseItem& section, ArrayList& materials, String& group)
bij BuildSoft.TSectionLibraryOperations.ReadSections(@MetaTSectionLibraryOperations Self, IXMLNode parentNode, ArrayList& sectionList, ArrayList& materialList, ArrayList& groupList)
bij Structure.TStructure.ReadFromXMLDocument(IXMLNode Objet)


Send the *.bsf model to support@buildsoft.eu. If the *.bsf model is larger than 1MB, please zip the file first or use WeTransfer.

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