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Error: Access to the path [local working folder] is denied


When you try to save a model or close Diamonds, you get the error:

[NL]: Toegang tot het pad [een lokaal pad] is geweigerd.


In this article we talk about preference settings (language, color, units, …). They’re stored in the folder My Documents on the C-drive.
The path to which the error message above is referring to, is a reference to one of the preference settings. It’s unknown what is causing this issue, but our support desk suspect the error occurs when you leave Diamonds unattended for a long time (like over night).

Following the instructions below how to get rid of the message

  1. Let’s make sure you have a saved version of your model: go to File > Save As and try to save the file under a new name.
  2. Let’s close the model, but not Diamonds: go to File > Close.
  3. Open Task Manager ( CTRL +  ALT +  DEL or right mouse click on the Windows bar).
    Find Diamonds in the list and hit End task.
  4. Start Diamonds by clicking on the Diamonds-logo (not by double clicking a model!).
    He should start without any errors.
    If he still gives an error: reset the Diamonds preferences
  5. Close Diamonds again. He should close without any errors.
    If he gives an error: reset the Diamonds preferences.
  6. Start Diamonds open your file. Continue your calculations.

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