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Error: No available result for Dx – combination : 1

When asking the deformation in a detailed result, you get the error:

This error occurs in Diamonds 2020.

Solution 1

  • If you click just long enough on ‘OK’, the error will dissapear and the detailed results will be shown. Make sure not to click once too many because this addtional click will close the detailed results!
  • The message occurs because there’s only one mesh triangle along the axis of the beam. Divide the relevant beam in two to solve this. You could also use a smaller mesh size, but 1/ this applies to the entire model and 2/ you should always check in the mesh configuration that the smaller mesh size indeed results in at least one mesh point along the axis of the beam.
    Geometry Bad mesh

    Will result in the message

    Good mesh

    Will not result in the message

Solution 2

  • Install Diamonds 2020r1 or newer.

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