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Which connections can be calculated with PowerConnect?

PowerConnect uses the component method described in Eurocode 3 – part 8 to calculate the connections. BUT the formulas in this method
  • are only valid for certain geometries
    e.g. the connections must be 2D or in tubular connections the angle between the connecting bars is limited
  • are only given for certain types of connections
    e.g. formulas are given for commonly used moment connections. That does not imply all possible moment connections…
  • limit the different cross-section shapes that can be combined in one connection
    e.g. formulas are given for a beam-column connection with H + I cross-sections, but there are no formulas available for that same connection in H- + L- shaped cross-sections.
Therefore it is not possible
  • to calculate whatever connection you have in mind.
    The list below gives an overview of the possible connections:

  • to import/ use whatever section you have in mind.
    How to retrieve which sections I can use /import:

    • Select the desired connection in PowerConnect
    • Double click for example the beam.
    • Click on  to change the section.
      The list you see contains all possible shapes for which this connection can be calculated.
      So if you see only H, and I -shapes in the list, the connection can only be calculated when the beam is an H or I-shape.
      Therefor, if you would add a new H or I-shape to the library, it will be possible to use it in this connection.
      If you would add a T-shape, it will not be visible in the list above and can thus can not be used to calculated this connection.

If your connection cannot be calculated with PowerConnect, you can obt to calculated the connection with IDEA Statica using FEM. BuildSoft has no software supporting the FEM calculation of connections.


IDEA STATICA is a registered trademark of IDEA RS s.r.o.

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