Vertical reactions are zero



Points that are too close to each other. They cause irregularies in the mesh. For example:

  • Meshlines that run across the model
  • Missing green lines (= indication of a free border) were you would expect them.


  • Go to the menu Options > Preferences > tab page ‘Model’
  • Set the geometric tolerance to 3cm.
  • Close this window
  • Generate the mesh.
  • Start the elastic analysis . The following warning will appear:

Impossible to calculate structure: few points are too close

Something went wrong while verifying the structure

[NL]: Niet mogelijk om structuur te berekenen. Enkele punten liggen te dicht bij elkaar. Er is iets fout gegaan bij het verifiëren van de structuur.

[FR]: Impossible de calculer la structure: quelques points sont trop prêts les uns des autres. Quelque chose ne s’est pas bien passé en vérifiant la structure.

[ES]: Imposible calcular la estructura: Algunos puntos están demasiado cerca.

  • Diamonds will select automatically the points that are too close to one another.
    Note that the location of these points is not necessary the place where the reactions are zero.
  • If these elements are not immediately visible, use the button   to only see these points. Use F10 to center these elements on the screen.
  • Join the points together.
    • Join them manually by adjusting the point coodinates in the data table . Request sufficient decimals (menu Options > Units & Decimals)!
    • Use the projection function (recommended)
    • Use the structure verification

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