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How to make SharePoint save the history of Diamonds-files


When you save a Diamonds file with default settings, Diamonds renames the *.bsf-file to -.bs!- file. And creates a new *.bsf file from the current project. This is an efficient way to have a backup file. But it doesn’t work well with SharePoint (or OneDrive). One of the advantages of SharePoint is that it can keep track of file history. But because of the default saving procedure in Diamonds, that’s not possible as he keeps creating new files with every save.

Therefor we’ve added an additional saving procedure which is suitable for SharePoint.


[compatible with Diamonds 2023r01 or newer]

  • If you use SharePoint (/ OneDrive), but you have no interest in the file-history feature, neglect the content of this article and leave everything on default.
  • The new saving procedure…
    • is only available in Diamonds 2023 r01 (or newer), not in any other BuildSoft programs.
    • may be slower than the default procedure.
    • will track the history of all files related to a Diamonds project, namely: *.bsf-file, *.bs!-file, *.bsr-file and *_bsr-folder.
      This migth cause extensive use of memory since the *.bsr-file and *_bsr-folder can get big.

  • Close all Diamonds projects
  • Go to My Documents > Diamonds. Depending on your operating system, the name ‘My Documents‘ can be ‘Documents‘.
  • Open Diamonds.ini with Notepad.
  • Search for [TGENERALPREFERENCES_PREF]. If you cannot find it, go to the bottom of the document and add it.
  • Add a line below it stating SAVEBYREWRITINGBSF=1.
  • Close Diamonds.ini and save changes.
  • Start Diamonds. Open a project and save it in a folder which is linked to Share Point/ One Drive.

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