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How to make Diamonds ‘remember’ your license


When you start Diamonds, Diamonds claims a license. But when you never calculate something, the license is automatically released again after 2h. Making it available for other user to claim. The 2h is a timespan defined by Codemeter which you cannot adjust.


[compatible with Diamonds 2024 or newer]

As a work-around, you can define that Diamonds must claim the license again every X minutes. To do so:

  • Close all Diamonds projects
  • Go to My Documents > Diamonds. Depending on your operating system, the name ‘My Documents‘ can be ‘Documents‘.
  • Open Diamonds.ini with Notepad.
  • Search for [TMAINFORM_PREF]. If you cannot find it, go to the bottom of the document and add it.
  • Add a line below it stating LIC_TIMER=2.
    Meaning that the license will be claimed every 2 minutes.
  • Close Diamonds.ini and save changes.
  • Start Diamonds.

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