Diamonds silent install

This information is valid as from Diamonds 2020

Good to know

Installing Diamonds requires the installation of 2 components + Diamonds itself

  1. CodeMeter Runtime
  2. Gateway Server
  3. Diamonds

It is best to download all the install files and put them in 1 folder.

If you want to automate these tasks, you can make a script of the complete installation procedure.

1. CodeMeter

CodeMeter can be easily silent installed

CodeMeterRuntime /ComponentArgs "*":"/qn"

2. Gateway

The Gateway installer is not a regular MSI Installer, but Installscript installer.  A silent install from this type, requires a response file (*.iss file).

A response file can be created with the command /r

GatewayGatewayServer_2_00_x64.exe /r /f1"C:\{path_where_you_want_the_response_file}\{response_file_name}.iss"

Now, you can use this file to run the silent install

GatewayGatewayServer_2_00_x64.exe /s /f1"C:\{path_to_your_response_file}\{response_file_name}.iss" /v"/qn”

3. Diamonds

Like Gateway, Diamonds also requires a response file. Once created, you can run the silent install

Diamonds2020Setup64.exe /s /f1"C:\{path_to_your_response_file}\{response_file_name}.iss" /v" /qn"

Example script


echo Installing Diamonds2020 - Please Wait.
echo Window will close after install is complete

echo. Install Component 1/2 : CodeMeterRuntime
CodeMeterRuntime /ComponentArgs "*":"/qn"

echo. Install Component 2/2 : Gateway Server 1.12
copy /Y "%~dp0setup.iss" "c:\Gateway\setup.iss" >nul
GatewayGatewayServer_1_12_x64.exe /s /f1"c:\Gateway\setup.iss" /v" /qn"

echo. Install Diamonds
copy /Y "%~dp0setup2.iss" "c:\Gateway\setup2.iss" >nul
Diamonds2020Setup64.exe /s /f1"c:\Gateway\setup2.iss" /v" /qn"

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