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How to limit CPU usage by BuildSoftServer.exe

  • Close all Diamonds projects (if not yet the case).
  • Start Diamonds and close it again.
  • Go to My Documents > Diamonds > {latest version}
  • Open the file Diamonds.ini with Notepad.
  • Look for [TMainForm_PREF] (You can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F to start the find function)
    If you cannot find [TMainForm_PREF], go to the bottom of the file and add the text [TMainForm_PREF].
  • Below [TMainForm_PREF], add a line with CPU=*number of logical processor*
    The *number of logical processor* is the binairy sum of the processors you’d like to use.
    Each bit represents a processor:
    1 = processor 1
    2 = processor 2
    4 = processor 3
    8 = processor 4
    16 = processor 5
    32 = processor 6
    And so on
    For example: if you only want to use processors 2, 3 and 4, the *number of local processor* is 14, because 14 is the sum of 2, 4 and 8.
    So in Diamonds.ini you need to see

    CPU = 14

    How high you can set the number of logical processor depends on how many you have (Control Panel > Device Manager > Processors)

  • Save the Diamonds.ini.
  • Start Diamonds again.

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