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How to install Diamonds/PowerConnect

The installation procedure for PowerConnect is the same as for Diamonds. Just replace 'Diamonds' in the text below with 'PowerConnect'.
  1. Get a computer with a Windows operating system.
    MAC users must install a virtual machine (like Parallels or VM Ware) for Windows. In step 4, run the Diamonds installer (*.exe) in the virtualized Windows environment!
  2. Prevent your anti-virus from blocking the download/installation.
    • Turn off BitDefender, KasperSky, Avast, McAfee, BullGuard until the installation is complete.
      In some cases it was required to uninstall BullGuard completely before Diamonds was able to install. You may reinstall BullGuard again when the Diamonds installation is complete.
    • Norton usually doesn’t cause trouble.
  3. Download the Diamonds installer (*.exe) from our website.
    Registration and log-in are required.
  4. Run the Diamonds installer (*.exe).
    Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation of all the required components.
    An overview of all the components to be installed (if not present yet):

    • CodeMeter Control Center is the license manager. It will ensure the communication between our software and your license.
    • Gateway is the database manager. It will ensure the communication between our software and the databases.
  5. Start Diamonds.

If you have problems: Download and install Teamviewer and call our support desk (+3292526628) during working hours. Using Teamviewer, we can look on your screen an see what the problem might be. Make sure you have admin rights on your computer. Otherwise we won’t be able to install/ uninstall anything.

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