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How to find the most economic design

The default settings in Diamonds are on the safe side. They require a minimum knowledge of the software and Eurocode to complete a calculation. But this doesn’t result in the most economic solution. If you want the most economic design, you should check the following settings:

  • Make sure the consequence class is defined appropriately.
  • Make sure the design life time is defined appropriately.
    If the design life time is smaller then 50 years, Eurocode allows a reduction of the wind, snow, temperature loads. And in the Netherlands also the variable floor loads.The reduction on the wind and snow loads can be taken into account by checking the relevant option.

    • If you define the wind and snow loads without the generators, you’ll have to manually apply a reduction to the values you enter.
    • The reduction on the temperature loads cannot be applied automatically in Diamonds. You’ll have to apply a reduction to the values you enter.
    • The reduction on the variable floor loads is automatically applied by reducting the partial safety coefficiënts (this only applies for the Netherlands).
  • EN 1993-1-4 §7.2.2 (3) allows the lack of correlation of wind pressures between the windward and leeward side into account. In the wind generator of Diamonds, you can check an option for this which reduces the wind loads on the facade with 15%.
  • Make sure to select the correct national annex when defining the load groups.
    Some national annexes (like the Belgian annex) allow smaller combination coefficients when multiple short term loads (like wind and snow) are combinated in the same combination.
  • Generate the combinations using equations 6.10a&b instead of equation 6.10 (for the content of these combinations see EN 1990).

    • The national annex can impose limits on which equations you’re able choose.
    • Choosing for equation 6.10a&b will result in twice as much ULS combinations in compairison to equation 6.10. Thus increasing the calculation time.

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