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How to activate your student license on MAC


You will need a virtual Windows environment (using Parallels, VM-ware, …) in order to run the BuildSoft software.

[Do this in the MAC environment]

  1. Install CodeMeter Control Center.
    Codemeter Control Center takes care of the license management.
  2. Activate your educational license as explained in the email you have received from us.
    Yes, it means you’ll have to double click the link in the MAC environment. If the double clicking doesn’t work, copy-paste the link in Safari.
  3. Open CodeMeter Control Center. Select your educational license from the list (the name is usually Buildsoft Edu 12) and click on the button ‘WebAdmin’.
  4. A web page opens. Go to ‘Configuration’ > ‘Server’ > ‘Server Access’.
  5. Tick ‘Enable’ at ‘Run network server’ and click ‘Apply’.
    By checking this option, you tell the MAC environment the license may be shared with the Windows environment.
  6. Restart your computer.

[Do this in the virtualised Windows environment]

  1. Install CodeMeter Control Center.
  2. Install the desired Buildsoft software.
  3. Restart the Virtual machine.
  4. Start the Buildsoft software. Our software should start with a valid license.
    Note: althought the license activated in the MAC environment is shared with the Windows environment, you’ll never see the license appear in CodeMeter Control Center in the Windows environment. That is normal behaviour.

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