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I can’t get my license activated


You receive a mail to activate your license, containing a link as follows


In the web page you do not get the standard options to activate your license.


  1. Make sure you have installed the software ‘CodeMeter’ → typ ‘CodeMeter’ in the search box on your desktop.
    If not present, install CodeMeter from this link.
    Remark: if you work on MAC, also install CodeMeter for MAC.
  2. Open a different browser (for example: if you had Chrome open, now use Opera or Firefox or Internet Explorer or Edge)
  3. Take the ticket number from the link in the email (5 times 5 letter/numbers, separated by ‘-‘)
  4. Go to http://lc.codemeter.com/48922/depot/index.php
  5. Fill out (or paste) the ticket number in the Ticket box
  6. Activate the license

If this does not work, please contact support@buildsoft.eu.

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