SLS 03: Circular plate under uniform load


Material Modulus of elasticity E =210 000 N/mm^2
Poisson’s ratio \nu=0.3
Geometry Cross-section Thickness e=5 mm
Boundary conditions Along all edges Fixed
Loads On the entire surface p=1.0kN/m^2
Mesh Maximum element size 0.06m
Minimum element size 0.03m



    \[D=\frac{E \cdot e^3}{12(1-\upsilon ^2)}=\frac{210 000N/mm^2 \cdot (0,005m)^3}{12(1-0,3^2)}=2404kNm\]

    \[\delta_y=\frac{p \cdot r^{4}}{64 \cdot D}=\frac{1kN/m \cdot (1m)^{4}}{64 \cdot 2404kNm} = 6,500mm\]

Deformation \delta_y in Diamonds

Point Which result Independent reference Diamonds Difference
A Deformation \delta_y 6,500mm 6,531mm 0,48%


  • Mécaniciens, S. F. D. (1990). Guide de validation des progiciels de calcul des structures: SSLS 03: plaque circulaire sous charge uniforme.
  • Tested in Diamonds 2023r01.

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