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DLX 06: Thin walled tube section – eigenfrequencies


Material Modulus of elasticity E=210 000 N/mm^2
Density \rho=7800 kg/m^3
Poisson’s ratio \nu= 0.3
Geometry Cross-section Tube d_e = 20mm and t = 2mm
Boundary conditions In point A & B Simple support
In point C & D Fixed support
Mesh No. of divisions 8


Eigen mode Shape Independent reference Diamonds Difference
1 17,9Hz 17,7Hz -1,12%
2 24,8Hz 24,4Hz -1,61%
3 25,3Hz 25,0Hz -1,19%
4 27,0Hz 26,7Hz -1,11%


  • Mécaniciens, S. F. D. (1990). Guide de validation des progiciels de calcul des structures: SDLL 14: modes de vibration d’un coude de tuyauterie mince.
  • Tested in Diamonds 2023r01.

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