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SQL Installation error 27506 – 21


During the installation of Diamonds/ PowerConnect (version 2017 until 2019r02), you get the error:

Error 27506. Error executing SQL script install_authentication.sql. Line 17. Warning: Fatal error 6015 occured at {date}. Note the error and time, and contact your system administrator (21)

This error is related to the database system (= SQL instance) used by these versions.

Solution 1

  • Install Diamonds/PowerConnect/BIM Expert 2020 or more recent. These versions so a different type of database, which no longer requires the installation of an SQL instance.

Solution 2

  1. Click the error away.
  2. Close the setup.
  3. Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\*NameOfTheDatabase*\MSSQL\DATA
  4. Delete everything of
    • bs_Authentication
    • bs_Exchange
    • bs_Gateway
    • bs_UBSM
  5. Run the Diamonds (or PowerConnect) setup again.During the install Gateway will install again. During the install of Gateway you will be asked to select an SQL instance.
    Install a new SQL instance and change the name to something different than before, for. example ‘SQLEXPRESS14BS2’ or ‘SQLEXPRESS14BS3’.

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