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Printer selected is not valid


Error during print command:

Printer selected is not valid

bij Borland.Delphi.TObjectHelper.Dispatch(Object Self, Object& Message)

bij Borland.Vcl.TControl.WndProc(TMessage& Message)

bij Borland.Vcl.TControl.Perform(UInt32 Msg, IntPtr WParam, IntPtr LParam)

bij Borland.Vcl.TWinControl.IsControlMouseMsg(TWMMouse& Message)

bij Borland.Vcl.TWinControl.WndProc(TMessage& Message)

bij Borland.Vcl.TWinControl.MainWndProc(TMessage& Message)



  • Set local printer (not one in the network) as default printer. If you don’t have a local printer connected, install a virtual printer like PdfCreator.
  • Try to print again.
  • Try to set the desired printer back as default printer.

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