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How to print one image on A0

The best way to create a suitable image for A0 print, is using the Export to bitmap-function. Don’t use the report manager for this. The images created with the report manager, are not of sufficient quality to be printed on A0-size.

  • Set the visualisation of the model as you would like it to be printed.
    • Hide/show the desired elements 
    • Rotate the model to the desired position
    • Select the desired representation (,, ,…)
    • Hide/show the desired information on the model 
  • Go to File > Export > Export as bitmap.
  • Set the bitmap width to 8000 pixels (this limit will be increased to 14000 in Diamonds 2022)
    Set the bitmap height to 8000 pixels/ 1,41 = 5661 pixels.
    (W/H-ratio of a A0-paper is 1189mm/841mm ≈ 1,41)
    It is important that the W/H-ratio of the bitmap has the same W/H-ratio as the paper size. Otherwise you risk that the image gets stretched while printing. Thus losing image quality.
  • Save the bitmap.
  • Open the bitmap with Paint.
  • Press CTRL + P and search for your PDF-printer.
    Make sure the resolution of the PFD-printer is not set higher than 300dpi! If you choose a higher PDF-printer-resolution, you risk losing image quality.
  • The pdf you just created can be send to a plotter.

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