Missing entry

While double clicking a license file, you get the error:

Error in C:\Program Files\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin\CmRmtAct64.dll. Missing Entry: CmShellSetRemoteUpdate


There is a problem while starting C:\…\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin\CmRmAct64.dll. The specified module could not be found.

[FR]: Erreur dans C:\Program Files\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin\CmRmtAct64.dll. Entrée manquante: CmShellSetRemoteUpdate

[NL]: Fout in C:\Program Files\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin\CmRmtAct64.dll. Ontbrekende vermelding: CmShellSetRemoteUpdate

Note: it is possible that instead of ‘CmRmtAct64.dll’ it reads ‘CmRmtAct32.dll’

Solution 1

  1. Start > All Programs > Codemeter Control Center
  2. Go to File > Import license … > browse for the license file and hit ‘Import’.
  3. If the problem still remains, try ‘Solution 2’.

Solution 2

  1. Task Manager > Services > CodeMeter.exe. Stop this service
  2. Uninstall CodeMeter
  3. Install CodeMeter again

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