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How to restart the calculation core

Solution 1

If the error is persistent, try Solution 2. You may always skip Solution 1 and immedialty do Solution 2.

  • While still in Diamonds, click STOP in the calculation dialog.
  • Go to Help > Restart Calculation Core.
  • Run the calculations again. If the error is persistent, try solution 2

Solution 2

  • Open Windows Task Manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL or right mouse button on the Windows bar at bottom of your screen).
  • Go to the tab page Details.
  • Sort the list alphabetically by clicking on the header Name.
  • Search for BuildSoftServer.exe and end the process. It is possible that BuildSoftServer.exe is more than once in the list. Close all of them (this will also end all ungoing calculations!).
    BuildSoftServer.exe is the calculation core.
  • Search for Diamonds.exe and end the process. If it appears more than once in the list, end all of them.
  • Restart Diamonds, reopen the file and restart the calculations.

Solution 3

Solution 4

  • Restart the computer completely (going into sleep-mode or stand-by mode, won’t do it).

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