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How to make Diamonds calculate multiple projects at the same time


The calculations in Diamonds are preformed by the calculation core (BuildSoftServer.exe in the Task Manager).

By default, the calculation core restarts each time you hit ‘OK’ in the calculation dialog . So if you have an elastic analysis running in one project, and you start a second elastic analysis in another project, the first calculation gets cancelled.


[use Diamonds 2021r01 or newer]
  • Close all Diamonds projects.
  • Go to My Documents > Diamonds > {latest version}
  • Open the file Diamonds.ini with Notepad.
  • Search for [TGENERALPREFERENCES_PREF]. It should be at the beginning of the document.
  • Add a line below stating RESTARTCALCCORE=0.
  • Close the Notepad-file and save the changes.
  • Restart Diamonds


  • If someday you need to reset the Diamonds preferences, this setting will also be reset.
  • The desciption above is valid for when you want to change the setting on a user computer (which is the case 99,9%).
    But some newer systems allow multiple users to log into the same (virtual) super computer. In that case, the line should be added in the Diamonds.ini-file present in the installation folder. These super computers are always managed by an IT-departement, if it applies to you, they’ll now.

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