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How to modify the image resolution

The images in the RTF report are pixelated after printing. The resolution of the printed images can be too low. However, you can set the resolution higher:

  • Close Diamonds.
  • Go to My Documents > Diamonds > {current version}
  • Open Diamonds.ini with Notepad
  • Press CTRL + F and search for TGENERALPREFERENCES_PREF.

    Can't find the keywords?

    Are you sure? Search again starting from the top. If you still can’t find them, you’ll have to add them:

    • Sroll down to the buttom of the list.
    • Copy paste the following text.
  • Adjust the resolution as you please:
    • BITMAPRESOLUTIONTORTF is for printing to an RTF-file.
    • BITMAPRESOLUTIONTOPRINT is for all other print commands.

    Usually 2000 (dpi) is sufficient.

  • Close the Diamonds.ini. Save changes.
  • Open Diamonds, print report.
  • The next time you want to adjust the resolution, use the search command again. These parameters are not always at the bottom of the list.

  • When you print an RTF-file, the file you get is usually quite large. Saving the *.rtf-file as a *.docx -file, reduces the file size, but also decreases the quality of the images.
  • Setting the resolution too high will cause memory issues.
  • The report manager in Diamonds cannot produce A0-images, but you could use the Export to bitmap-feature if you want one image on A0-size.



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