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How to make a PDF report

The easiest way to make a PDF report from Diamonds, PowerConnect or any other BuildSoft software is by installing a free PDF maker such as PDF Creator or CutePDF. These are lightweight PDF makers installed as local printers.

With for example PDFCreator, you can collect several prints (from Word, Excel, Diamonds, PowerConnect etc), combine and print them together as 1 PDF file. To do so:

  • Print the first document. When the PDFCreator window pops up, select ‘Wait – Collect’.

  • Print all other desired documents.
  • When done, open the PFD Print monitor. Go to ‘Document’ > ‘Combine All’ or press the CTRL + A.
  • Now click on ‘Printer’ > ‘Stop printing’ or press F2.
  • Choose the location for the pdf.

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