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How to import a section/ material library

Important notes:

  • If the soon-to-be-imported sections contain user-defined materials, then import or define those new materials first!
  • The method for importing a material library is the same as for importing a section library.

Method for importing a section library

  • Open Diamonds
  • Go to Edit > Section library.
  • Click on and then on
  • Choose the file of which you’d like to import the sections. The following file-formats are possible:
    • *.mdb is the old ( Diamonds 2015r06 or older) library format
    • *.bsf imports the sections in the selected Diamonds-project.
    • *.xml is the library export format.
    • *.sut is the format of a saved Section Utility-section

  • Click on .
  • Choose the items to be imported.
    Please uncheck all default sections.

  • Click on.
  • Select how the items should be stored:
    • you can save the items permanently in the library
    • or they can only be diposible in the current project

  • Click on.
  • The items are added to the bottom of the list.

Example: timber sections

The annex of this article contains an *.xml file with common timber sections. You can import the sections usin the the above method. The default materials is set to C18. You can add/ remove sections or change the default material afterwords.

Unzip the file, otherwise you won’t be able to import it.

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Source: woodforum.be

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