Hot keys


Below you will find a list of all short keys available in Diamonds.
It is not possible to adjust the short keys or define short keys yourself. Suggestions for new short keys can be send to

  • Aid when drawing orthogonal (0°, 90°, 45°) lines
  • Select additional elements
  • Select elements of the same group
  • Select plate borders together with plate
CTRL Select all elements of the same design type
DEL Delete geometry elements or loads (depending on the configuration) 
ENTER Draw a new line (while in drawing function)
SPACE Deactivate intelligent cursor
  • End the drawing function (in drawing function)
  • Close the dialogs ,,,,,, (since Diamonds 2023r01)
CTRL + A Select all
CTRL + C Copy data from tables
CTRL + N New file 
CTRL + O Open file
CTRL + P Print screen 
CTRL + Q Close project
CTRL + R Turn ruler on/off
 (since Diamonds 2022)
CTRL + S Save project 
ALT + S Save as (since Diamonds 2021r01)
CTRL + Y Redo 
CTRL + Z Undo 
CTRL + click on one point Select all points
  • When you select a line: will remove the line but not the end points of the line
  • When you select multiple intersecting lines: will remove the lines, but not the intersection point
  • When you select a plate but not the borders: will remove the plate but not the borders
F1 Open Diamonds Help
F2 Calculate concrete reinforcement quantities 
F3 Steel and timber verification 
F8 Export to BIM Expert
F9 Elastic analysis 
F10 Zoom in  (draw a window on which you want to zoom in)
F11 Zoom out 
F12 Show everything as large as possible on the screen 
  • Hold scroll down while moving mouse: pan
  • Scroll: zoom in and out
SHIFT + SCROLL Rotate (3D orbit)
Right mouse click in drawing area Open ‘window configuration’ 
Right mouse click on the icon  Centers the model on the screen with a standard configuration of the global coordinate system (= X-axis pointing to the right, Z-axis pointing out of the screen, Y-axis pointing upward). Available in Diamonds 2021 (or newer).
Double click in drawing area Open grid settings 
a or A Draw a new line 
d or D Open window to divide lines 
e or E Open extrude window 
m or M Open mirror window 
p or P Open projection window 
r or R Open rotation window 
t or T Open translation window 


Can I add hotkeys or define my own?
Unfortunately, that’s not possible. But if you have a suggestion for a new one, please let us know (

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