Lines can be directly drawn on the screen. It is not required to draw point first. There are 2 main methods:

A. Directly on the screen (only in a 2D view):

  • Click once to set the start point. The line will follow the cursor while you move.
  • Click once more to set the end point.

B. Through coordinates in 2D/3D view:

  • Enter 2 or 3 coordinates of the axes that you see on the right-hand side below, separated by a semi-colon.
    • E.g: Front view: XY plane => distance in x-direction; distance in y-direction
  • Enter an @sign in front of the coordinates to use relative coordinates.
    • E.g: Top view: XZ plane => @distance in x- direction; distance in z- direction

  • ENTER: End drawing of current line. You will be free to continue drawing elsewhere in the model.
  • ESC: End drawing function

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