From Diamonds to UBSM

This article explains how to send the Diamonds model to UBSM file, using BIM Expert.

1. Preparation in Diamonds

An UBSM file can handle geometry, loads, mesh, analysis settings, results and connections.  So, the export can be as complete as you prefer, as long as these items are present in Diamonds. If you want to send mesh and result information, make sure the mesh is generated and the results are calculated and stored.

2. Send the Diamonds model to UBSM

2.1 From Diamonds to BIM Expert

In the File menu tab, select ‘Export > Export to BIM Expert’  or simply use F8. The geometry model is sent to BIM Expert. All sections and materials are automatically converted and transferred, as well as the loads and results (if present). The model is now in BIM Expert.

2.2 From BIM Expert to UBSM

In the Model tab, select ‘Export’. Next, choose UBSM File. UBSM is BuildSoft’s neutral file format, XML based. Click  to continue.

2.2.1 Settings

Choose the formatting style and whether the file should be opened after saving.Select the elements to be included in the conversions.  Click ‘Continue’ to finish the export.

Pick a location to save the UBSM file.


4. Get started with BIM Expert

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