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Error reading setup initialization file

On launching the installation .exe file, the message appears:

Solution 1

The download file is not complete/ corrupted. This occurs when you have a slow internet connect or when the anti-virus software is scanning the file during the download process. Usually the downloaded *.exe is smaller than it should be (for Diamonds the *.exe-installer is ± 350MB, BIM Expert ± 160MB, PowerConnect ± 66MB).

  • Click the message away.
  • Delete the *.exe- file from your downloads folder
  • Download the file again:
    • With a faster internet connection
    • With a different browser
    • You may also want to consider temporarily disabling your internet anti-virus scan

If that still doesn’t solve the download-problem, contact the help-desk (support@buildsoft.eu) and request WeTransfer-download links.

Solution 2

The downloaded *.exe-file has the expected size of ± 350MB for Diamonds/ ± 160MB for BIM Expert/ ± 66MB PowerConnect.
The application cannot install because you have insufficient privileges to install applications.

  • Click the message away.
  • Right mouse click on the *.exe and choose the option Run as Administrator.

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