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Can Diamonds do the design for cold-formed steel (CFS) cross-sections?

Before answering that question, you need to know that Eurocode makes a distinction between:

  1. ‘Regular’ steel cross-sections who can have the production methods: hot rolled, welded or cold formed
    These cross-sections have a thickness t >= 3mm and are desgined using EN 1993-1-1.
  2. Thin walled cold-formed cross sections
    These cross-sections have a thickness t < 3mm and are designed using EN 1993-1-3.

So for cross sections of the first category:

  • Yes, Diamonds can perform the design (without any input from the user), on the condition the cross section is 1, 2 or 3.
    When a cross-section is of class 4, effective section properties are required and Diamonds cannot determine those. If the users imposes the effective properties in Diamonds, the design is also possible for class 4 cross-sections.

And for the second category:

  • The Diamonds section library contains a large selection of cold-formed thin walled cross-section from the manufacturers Joris Ide, MRP, Brausa and Sadef. Since these cross sections are thin walled, they are often of class 4. The effective properties are provided by the manufacturers and Diamonds is able to perform the design.
    But if you change one of the dimensions of such cross-sections, the effective properties cannot be recalculated by Diamonds. Thus a design will not be possible.

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