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What makes BIM Expert different?

BIM Expert functions as an translator between the different software programs, so that you do not have to rebuild the model in every application.

✓ BIM Expert connects analysis, modelling & detailing applications

BIM Expert connects

  • Modelling software, such as Revit, Tekla Structures
  • Analysis software, such as Diamonds, SAP2000, ETABS
  • Detailing software, such as PowerConnect, Idea StatiCa Connection

✓ BIM Expert creates native elements

When sending models from one application to another, BIM Expert will create native elements and materials in the destination software. ‘Native’ means just like as modeled manually. No weird elements you cannot edit. BIM Expert translates BIM elements from one platform into the other, just like you would have done it yourself.

For example: When sending models to Revit, BIM Expert will create Revit families for the steel profiles. You do not have to do it yourself.

✓ BIM Expert has both physical as analytical data

Because BIM Expert communicates with both analysis & modelling applications, the BIM Expert file contains both the analysis as the physical model. Multiple analysis models can be stored with one physical model.

✓ BIM Expert keeps as much information as possible

BIM Expert does not store geometry data, but also structural behavior (eg. tie rods, non-linear supports, … ), loads & load combinations, mesh settings, design code choices, results and connections. Even if the destination software does not support certain information, BIM Expert keeps this data linked to the model, for a round trip or a next model transfer.

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