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Release notes Diamonds 2022

Diamonds 2022

Release date: 28/3/2022

New featuresFixesInstallation


  • Select elements based on connection name
  • Show path next to file name


  • Copy and divide cut lines
  • Cut lines are also copied when a structure is copied
  • Show mean reaction over multiple support lines in Data table 


  • CE21 and Spanish annex to Eurocode 2 (UNE EN 1992-1-1) added

Stainless steel


  • Send CHS splice from Diamonds to PowerConnect


  • Wrong unit conversion from kN/m³ to T/m³ for density in material library
  • Buttons for hinges at beginning/end of bar are switched
  • When a model contains points that are to close to one another > the risk that the vertical reactions are zero in some points


  • Edit for partial safety factors as a function of the consequence class (BE annex)


  • Soil reaction not deducted correctly from punching force (punching shear calculation)
  • When using custom scale for reinforcement in global results: the colors on the iso lines have shifted one step
  • Export to ConCrete Plus


  • Updated fire paints: FX2004, FX5090, FX6002
  • Removed fire paints: FX2005, FX5120


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