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DLS 03: Rectangular thin plate – simply supported – eigenfrequencies


Material Modulus of elasticity E=210 000 N/mm^2
Density \rho=7800 kg/m^3
Poisson’s ratio \nu= 0.3
Geometry Cross-section Thickness e = 10mm
Boundary conditions Along line AB Fixed support
Mesh Maximum element size 0.05m
Minimum element size 0.00m


Eigen mode Shape Independent reference Diamonds Difference
1 35.63Hz 35.6Hz -2.81%
2 68.51Hz 68.61Hz 0.15%
3 109.62Hz 110.11Hz 0.45%
41 123.32Hz 123.97Hz 0.53%
51 142.51Hz 143.42Hz 0.64%
61 197.32Hz 199.27Hz 0.99%
1 The higher the modes become, the more complex the modes shapes are and the more mesh nodes are required to get aquirate results. Therefor a relative small mesh size was chosen for this example.


  • Mécaniciens, S. F. D. (1990). Guide de validation des progiciels de calcul des structures: SDLS 03: plaque rectangulaire mince simplement appuyée sur les bords
  • Tested in Diamonds 2023r01.

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