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How to model a compression bar

  • Select the bar(s) you want to define as compression bar(s).
  • Click on .
  • Select ‘Function’ next to ‘Nx’ and click on .

  • Compression is negative, tension is positive. So define a function for which applies: if F<0 (= compression) then the bar can resist it (=fixed) and when if F>0 (= tension) the bar can’t resist is (= free). But because ‘Free’ is the equivalent of 0kN, it’s recommended to enter a very small value like 0.001kN. Calculating with 0kN migth give iteration problems.


  • Select the function for the other end of the bar.

  • Set the bending moment My’ and Mz’ free.


  • The countarpart of a compression bar is a tie rod.

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