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How to make a custom section

  • Select the line(s) and click on .
  • Choose .
  • Click on . Section Utility will open.
    If Section Utility is not starting, close Diamonds and restart Diamonds.
  • Define the desired profile. Topics that can help you:
  • Make sure to uncheck the winks when composing the defined cross section. This will trigger Section Utility to calculate the elastic and plastic cross-section properties.

    Why aren't the winks unchecked by default?
    • Assume you draw a line in Diamonds and assign an HEA 300 to it.
    • You select the line and open the section properties .
      The properties in this dialog are often rounded values because they come from a catalogue.
      While Section Utility calculates the (elastic and plastic) properties based on geometrical formulas. The Section Utility results are therefor exact and differ a little from the catalogue values.
    • If you would send the cross-section to Section Utilty, then close Section Utilty without changing anything to the cross-section, you expect to still have the same cross-section properties, right? Well that’s because the winks are checked by default.
  • If you want to perform a steelcheck on the section, don’t forget to define the imposed classes.
  • Close Section Utility. Take the section back to Diamonds.

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