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How to create slabs, plates, walls and openings

Creating a slab or plate

  • Select a set of lines that form a closed contour and that lie in the same plane.
  • Click on .
    Note: in a wireframe representation the plate(s) will not be visible. Pick one of these representations.
  • The generated plate is a plate bearing the 2 directions of 20cm thick.
    • You can change the properties of one plate by double clicking the surface of the plate.
    • You can change the properties of multiple plates by selecting all the relevant plates and click on .

If you want to model plates of which not all elements lie within the same plane, you must keep in mind that a slab or plate is uniquely defined by 3 points.  So the easiest plate contour to make is a triangle. The plate section within this triangle is always unique.

Making a hole/ opening

  1. Create a seperate plate where the hole should be.
  2. Select the plate and hit DELETE or click on .


Is it possible to create a plate with variable thickness?
Diamonds has no automatic function to create slabs/plates with a variable thickness. To approach the variable thickness, you could divide the slabs into small strips giving each strip a different thickness. Make sure the strips don’t get too small.
Is it possible to remove a plate without the plate edges?
No. A plate is always defined between a closed circumference of lines (= the plate edges). So the plate edges can never be removed.

the opposite is possible: removing the plate without removing the plate edges. To do this: you select only the plate(s) and hit CTRL+SHIFT+DEL.

Is it possible to merge multiple plates?
Yes. Read all about it in this article

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