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How to convert a PowerFrame/PowerPlate model to Diamonds

The description below also applies to PowerPlate.

Since Diamonds 2017 we work with a new system for the material and section library. This causes the import of PowerFrame/ PowerPlate models in Diamonds to crash. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Since Diamonds 2019 the menu for importing PowerFrame/ PowerPlate models is no longer available.

Solution 1

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Open Diamonds
  • Drag the PowerFrame/ PowerPlate-file into Diamonds (preferably a recent version > 2020).

If that doens’t work, try solution 2 or 3.

Solution 2

If you have many (>5) files to convert, this is the advised solution.

A direct import from a PowerFrame model into Diamonds was supported up to Diamonds 2015r06. If you no longer have Diamonds 2015r06 (or older) installed, do the following:

  • Uninstall all Diamonds versions more recent than 2015r06.
    Windows will not allow you to install Diamonds 2015r06, if a newer version of the software is installed.
    Imported: only uninstall Diamonds. Do not uninstall Gateway or SQL!
  • Install Diamonds 2015r06 (32/64bit).
  • Install all more recent versions of Diamonds of your choice.
  • Import the PowerFrame model in Diamonds 2015r06.
  • Save the Diamonds 2015r06-file.
  • Open the Diamonds 2015r06-model in the Diamonds version of your choice.

Solution 3

If you have a few (<5) files to convert and a maintenance contract, you may send them to support.

  • Send the PowerFrame files to support@buildsoft.eu.
    We’ll do the conversion and send you the Diamonds-files.

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