• From PowerConnect to Tekla Structures

    This article explains how to send one or more PowerConnect connections to Tekla Structures, using BIM Expert. 1. Preparation in PowerConnect Make sure the model is calculated and that elastic results are available. 2. Send the PowerConnect model to Tekla Sturctures 2.1 From PowerConnect to BIM Expert 2.2 From BIM…

  • Webinar Productivity Diamonds

    The webinar Productivity hacks for Diamonds can be watched on-demand Key takeaways from the webinar Geometry Loads Results

  • How to join bars into 1 continuous bar member

    When exporting to Idea StatiCa Connection, it is often needed that individual bar elements (from global analysis software) are grouped into 1 physical bar member. You can use the Merge function in Idea CheckBot to do this. Workaround for BIM Expert 2024 and older: <SourceApp>CAD</SourceApp> ====> <SourceApp>FEA</SourceApp>

  • How are moment, shear and normal force combined?

    In the PowerConnect results, you see clearly see the interaction between moment and normal force. But what about interaction with the shear force? The shear resistance is by default reduced by the maximum resisting moment $M_{Rd}$. See ‘Analysis > Analysis options’, although you can choose to use the applied moment…

  • Model management

    Click on Click on Wireframe Transparent surface Non-transparent surface Black-white solid Color solid Color solid +borders

  • Sign Up

    Signing up for BuildSoft PowerConnect is a simple process. Visit our website and register for access do the ‘Downloads’ section. You can now download PowerConnect.