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What makes PowerConnect different?

The PowerConnect software allows for design analysis of various steel connection types, with or without a wide range of stiffening elements.

✓ Built-in intelligence

We just love good looking connections. In PowerConnect, model changes never lead to weird looking connections. Once you edit a part of a connection, the other connection parts will adjust accordingly, in a way that the final configuration makes sense.

PowerConnect uses are smart dynamic references to the dimensions of the main beam and column in the model. When you modify the beam or column section, the dimension of all other elements will modify along, so that you do not end up with a disproportional connection. This is of course a huge time saver when optimizing connections and playing around with the dimensions, as you rarely need to reconfigure/reposition bolts, plates and stiffeners.

✓ Clear & Comprehensive results

You will get a complete summary of the calculations, comparing the applied load with the resisting forces. For each component of the connection, the capacity utilization is shown, indicated with a handy color scale. You will recognize the most critical components in the connection at a glance, so you can optimize them in a targeted way.

PowerConnect also has detailed results available for each combination, which gives insight into the applied analytical formulas of the relevant standard as well as the importance of the various design parameters.

✓ Stand-alone & Integrated Use

PowerConnect can be used as a stand-alone program, in which case all geometry and loads data are entered manually by the user.

PowerConnect can also integrated within BuildSoft’s Diamonds program for 3D analysis. The license ‘Steel connection design’ allows an automated transfer of geometry and loads data from the 3D frame model to the PowerConnect environment for detailed steel connection analysis. During the transfer procedure, the user can apply filter criteria in order to automate the selection of relevant load cases.

✓ Fast – Faster – Fastest : 1 Minute Connection Design

Our goal is to provide you with a easiest model-to-results analysis solution, so you can focus on what really matters: optimization of the connection.

Thanks to the built-in library of predefined connection types, your connection will be on screen within 30 seconds, guaranteed. No time wasted here entering tons of parameters and details (but you can if you want), everything is logically pre-filled and pre-designed, done for you.

Can I really design connections just 1 minute? Absolutely, see the examples below

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