What is PowerConnect?

PowerConnect is an exceptionally easy to use software program for steel connection design.

The design and analysis of steel connections that would require hours when done by hand, can be performed in a very limited time frame when PowerConnect is being used. At the same time, PowerConnect will offer a significantly higher results accuracy because of the more refined analysis methods that have been implemented.

PowerConnect’s user interface has been designed to enable the design engineer to define as easily as possible modifications to existing connection designs and to test in the shortest possible time frame the impact of various design changes on the connection strength & stiffness. As a consequence, optimal connection design becomes feasible. Throughout this process, the user will be supported by well-documented dialogue windows, thus easing the design task and minimizing error risk.

Although the underlying design analysis methods are quite complex in nature, the user will not be hindered by this complexity during the design analysis process. As the PowerConnect analysis engine is quite fast, results will almost immediately be available so that the impact of various design modifications can truly be tested to gain more insight into the effect of various design parameters.

The graphics are an excellent aid to visually control all connection design analyses. At the end of the design process, a clear and concise analysis report can be produced. Drawings of connection elements (along with the appropriate dimensions) can directly be included in such a report and/or can be exported to various CAD programs for further exploitation.

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