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What makes Diamonds different?

Diamonds is an easy-to-use finite element software for the analysis and design of structures in steel, concrete and timber.

✓ Short Learning Curve

Being a structural engineer, Diamonds will be your ideal tool to easily define model geometry, boundary conditions and loads, and finally analyze the in colors represented results. Allowing for a fully transparent management of your structural design analysis models, Diamonds accommodates itself to your needs and preferences. Its highly intuitive and versatile working environment enables you to do your job with minimal effort.

Your learning curve is short – guaranteed, in no time you are up and running with Diamonds.

✓ Productivity is key

Our goal is to provide you with a easiest model-to-results analysis solution, so you can focus on what really matters.

Diamonds is designed for practical use, covering as many steps in the design process as possible, while you, as a structural engineer are still in charge of the outcome. The complex European and national standards are now easily accessible for the structural engineer. Diamonds comes with a prefilled libraries and will have smart default settings, done for you, but always editable.

You as an engineer can focus on your creative vision without the hindrance of a steep learning curve, ensuring that the journey from concept to execution is both enjoyable and productive.

The no-nonsense Diamonds working environment will significantly shorten your structural project lead time – so you can enjoy some extra hours per week. To take on more projects, to grow, to expand your business, …. .

✓ Diamonds equals Happy Engineering

Structural engineering should be fun, right? ….. Right?

It’s not just about structures; it’s about turning your engineering adventure into a blockbuster movie, where you’re the star, and Diamonds is your trusty sidekick (cape and all if you like).

Offering tools like predefined slab configurations (precast, predal, cast-in-place, hollow core, weight saving voided slab … ) and practical reinforcement definition, Diamonds provides you with a program that feels like an extension of your own expertise. With Diamonds every engineering endeavor becomes a journey of creativity, efficiency, and ultimately, happiness.

Thanks to Diamonds you will really enjoy your job as structural designer.

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