What is Diamonds?

Diamonds is an easy-to-use software for structural analysis & design of steel, concrete and timber constructions. The target user is anyone performing structural engineering tasks, such as structural engineering, structural designer, project engineer … . Diamonds uses finite element method (FEM) to calculate frames, beam grids, slabs, plates, walls, rafts and complete 3D structures.

From within the user-friendly Diamonds environment, the structural engineer can easily accomplish various tasks related to the structural design analysis process – up to the creation of a well-structured report.

Diamonds can the exchange BIM data with the most commonly used modeling applications used in the AEC industry, such as Revit, Tekla Structures, SAP2000, via our BIM Expert platform.

The type of structures that are calculated with Diamonds involve beams and columns, floors, foundation slabs, industrial warehouses, family homes, apartment buildings, portal frames, hospitals, telecom towers, roof trusses, hotels, casino’s, sheds …

A selection of projects where Diamonds was used to design the structure, can be found in the References section.

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