Installing 1•2•Build is a simple process.

Downloading 1•2•Build

Once you have created an account, login to the BuildSoft website and download from the Downloads software section

  1. CodeMeter Control Center (license manager)
  2. 1•2•Build installer

Both need to be installed on your computer.

Installing CodeMeter

CodeMeter is a 3rd pary License Managing software and is required for use of all BuildSoft software.

1. Once downloaded, go the ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer and run CodeMeterRuntime.exe

2. Click Next to start the CodeMeter installation.

Installing 1•2•Build

After you have finished the installation of CodeMeter, you can now install 1•2•Build

You need administrative permissions to install 1•2•Build on your computer!

1. Once downloaded, go the ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer and run 12BuildSetup.exe

2. Click Next to start the 1•2•Build installation.

3. Choose the 1•2•Build installation folder and the features to be installed. We recommend to keep the installation folder as is and a Typical installation. Click twice ‘Next‘.

4. Install the 1•2•Build application for Anyone who uses this computer (all users). You might need to enter administrative credentials during the process.

5. Click Finish to complete the installation.

6. You will asked to restart the computer immediately. Always click ‘No’ – you can do this later.

1•2•Build is now installed on your computer and ready for use.

Installation troubles?

If you are experiencing installation problems

Download and install Teamviewer and call our support desk (+3292526628) during working hours.
Using Teamviewer, we can look on your screen an see what the problem might be. 
Make sure you have admin rights on your computer. Otherwise we won’t be able to install/ uninstall anything.

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