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I have not received a registration mail from buildsoft.eu – How to log on?

This is how the registration mail looks like

Information about the registration mail:

  • Sender: info@buildsoft.eu
  • Subject: Your registration for {user name} at BuildSoft

How to find the registration mail

  1. Use the search function in your mailbox to find any mails coming from BuildSoft. You can try any of following search terms
    • ‘BuildSoft’
    • ‘Your registration at BuildSoft’
    • ‘info@buildsoft.eu’
  2. Check your SPAM/JUNK folder for the BuildSoft registration mail.

Registration mail cannot be found

Sometimes, the registration mail is blocked by a strict filter of your mail provider, or deleted by accident. In such as case:

  1. Go to https://www.buildsoft.eu/en/user/password
  1. Enter your email address
  2. Click ‘Submit’
  3. You should immediately receive a mail ‘Replacement login information for {user name} at BuildSoft’. Check the SPAM/JUNK folder too.
  1. Click the link and set your password.
  2. You are immediately redirected to the Downloads page

Note that the reset-your-password link is valid for only 24 hours. Beyond that time, you need to repeat steps 1-4 to get a new reset link.

I have not received the ‘Replacement login information’ mail

If you have not received the mail within 5 minutes, nor in your INBOX, nor in the SPAM/JUNK folder, please contact our Support Service at support@buildsoft.eu. We can look up your account and reset your password.

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