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How to use a Codemeter cloud license

A cloud license is a decentralized license system, completely managed & updated by BuildSoft. After the first installation, there are no upgrade files required.

The license is a simple file that needs to be activated (=imported) in the user’s CodeMeter Control Center. The file can be sent to other users, who can activate it too.

In larger companies with lots of users we recommend that 1 person (e.g. IT manager, department manager) is responsible for activating the cloud license. Otherwise, the users can pass down the license to anybody, outside the control of the license owner.

First installation

1. What you get

A file containing the license (140-xxxxxxxx.wbc), sent to you by BuildSoft or your local reseller.  A cloud license can contain 1 or more BuildSoft software licenses.

2. How to activate the cloud license

CodeMeter Control Center must be installed. You can download this from the BuildSoft website.

  1. Save the file to desktop.
  2. Open CodeMeter Control Center (Start > CodeMeter > CodeMeter Control Center)
  3. Import this file in the CodeMeter Control Center via ‘File’- ‘Import License…’.   You could also drag and drop the file to the CodeMeter Control Center.
  4. Wait until you get the message that the import was successful.
  5. Delete the file from your desktop.

3. How to give other users access to the cloud license

Activate the cloud license on each user’s computer.

Examples of practical uses

1 user

Activate the cloud license on the user’s computer.

x users

Option a: Decentralized license – no server and no server access required

Activate the cloud license file on each user’s computer.

There is no limit on the number of cloud license installations. The number of user who can work simultaneously is determined the number of BuildSoft licenses in the cloud license file.

Example: 3 licenses in the cloud license file > 3 users can use the software simultaneously.

On each program launch, the cloud license will be checked with CodeMeter’s online server to see if there is a free license or not.

Option b: Centralized license – server & server access (LAN/VPN) required

In this option, the cloud license is used a classic server license. The cloud license needs to be activated on the server machine. Next, users need to have access to the server in order to pick up the license.  This usage is identical to the classic network dongle use, but instead of a dongle, a cloud license is put on the server.

Installation is completely analogous to How to use Codemeter dongle as network license dongle

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