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How to generate wind on a canopy roof

  • Set the ground level  and terrain parameters .
  • Select a 2D frame and click on .
    • Enter the distances for the position of the frame and select the option for a canopy roof.
    • Select the desired load cases (see pdf document at the bottom of this article).
        • Local coëfficients are used for the design of roof covers and fasteners. Global coefficients are used for strength and stability checks.
        • The φ indicates the degree of blockage. φ = 0 for a freestanding canopy, φ = 1 for a blocked canopy (see Figure 7.15 in EN 1991-1-4).

    • Hit ‘OK’.
    • Repeat the same steps for the next frame.

Note: the windgenerator on canopy roofs only generates the wind loads on the roof! If the wind load is blocked, you should apply wind loads on the facade manually!

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