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File consistency checks

Diamonds [as from version 2020] contains option for checking the file’s consistency, when saving locally and when saving over network.
The default settings chosen should provide you with the best possible Diamonds experience. However, each situation is different and therefore you can personalize the options and their settings via the Diamonds preference file:

  • CheckXmlSave: default = true
    After saving a file, the file is checked for having a valid XML format. Files that are broken off prematurely or files with missing tags are discovered this way.
  • CheckXmlSaveNrRetries: default = 4
    This is the number of times Diamonds tries to save the file again if the XML check fails. After that, Diamonds will give a notification to the user.
  • KeepNetworkTemporaryDays: default = 7
    When saving a file over network, Diamonds will now first save that file locally in a sub folder of the preferences folder. The sub folder is called “TempNetworkFiles”. Then a copy is made to the location on the network. The local files will be deleted over time – in order to not take up too much space on your local disk. When Diamonds launches, the date of each file in the folder “TempNetworkFiles” is checked. If it is more than “KeepNetworkTemporaryDays”, the file will be deleted.
  • CheckNetworkCopy: default = false
    When you save a file to network, Diamonds makes a checksum of both the local and network file and see if both values are the same. If they differ, the (network) copy was not (completely) successful. This is an extra security, because Windows already does a file check when saving to network. It should be noted that this is a time consuming procedure for large files and should normally not be required, therefore it is disabled by default.

To modify the settings:

  1. Close all Diamonds sessions
  2. Go to My Documents > Diamonds > {version that you use}
  3. Open the file Diamonds.ini with Notepad
  5. Modify the options of your choice.
  6. Save and close the file.

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